Thor: The Dark World

I have few complaints for Thor: The Dark World. It had great humor and is a decent action flick. I was not a fan of the first film, mostly because I don’t particularly care about Thor’s mythology and I didn’t really connect with any of the characters. In Thor: The Dark World, the characters have been solidified very effectively by this point, thanks to the first Thor and The Avengers, and I felt more invested in the story this time around.

I will not recap the film for this review, but that does not mean that it won’t contain any spoilers.


Similar to how The Avengers had major impacts on Tony Stark in Iron Man 3Thor: The Dark World touches on how Thor and Loki have been effected by the events of the ensemble film. Thor is a very different character here from what he was like in the first Thor. He’s no longer the arrogant, brash character from the first film – now he’s quiet and dissatisfied with his life in Asgard. Unfortunately, due to this Thor’s personality is kind of forgettable – all the “fish out of water” qualities that made him memorable from the first film are gone. Luckily he still kicks ass and has his funny moments.

Loki is still the woobie that everybody loves to fangirl over, but he’s still mischievous as ever. The film never reveals Loki’s true motives, which keeps him interesting and mysterious. He fakes his death and is revealed to be impersonating Odin at the end of the film, so I, along with many others I assume, are looking forward to what he may do next.

The action in this movie was awesome. Especially when the portals were used to mix up the setting during the fight scenes. Everything was fast paced and exciting. The humor in the film is also very good, especially because of Erik, with his mental breakdown (consequences of being mind controlled by Loki in The Avengers), and Darcy’s banter with her intern.


Jane. Jane’s character is so awfully bland. Try describing her character. Do it. I bet you can’t. The best I got is that she does science shit. And by science shit, I mean she has this GPS thing that pretty much does all her work for her. She only becomes integral to the plot because of an “oops.” Actually, that’s the whole reason the plot of this film exists. “Oops. I happened to fall through a portal that happened to lead to the exact location of this evil red mist, which happened to infect me and then happened to wake up the big bad. Now he’s after me so he can use the evil red mist to destroy the world. LOL oops guys, my bad.” Yeah, Jane’s character is pretty lame and all she does is fuck shit up in a stupid way. Not to mention she’s pretty much the reason why Thor and Loki’s mother, Frigga, dies. Way to go Jane.

And speaking of bland characters, the main villain for this film is so boring. Nothing about him really entertained me. He brings no personality and isn’t generally likable, even in a villainous way. He’s just physically strong enough to fight Thor one-on-one during the climax and has an army big enough to rough up Asgard a descent amount. Okay, don’t get me wrong, he kicked a lot of ass during this film, but his character is so uninteresting he’s absolutely forgettable.

Short review for today, but overall Thor: The Dark World is one of those films that will leave you thinking, “That was awesome,” without compelling you to see it a second time.


2 thoughts on “Thor: The Dark World

  1. Jane is definitely one of the worst aspects of this film, no question about that. She is bland, and perhaps most unforgiveable, when she finally joins up with Thor and Loki to escape, she faints and is unconscious. I remember noticing that she was still unconscious and thinking “You’ve got to be kidding me.” What a waste! And yet, it’s not a waste, because she wouldn’t have had anything to contribute to the Thor/Loki dynamic.

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