Hello and Welcome!

I am the Cynical Tauntaun, a graduating college student and TV and movie enthusiast. Writing is a medium that I aspire to be better in, so I figured reviewing the TV shows, movies, and (sometimes) music that I experience in my everyday life can help me practice this medium and become a better writer. I made this decision about a week ago after I watched last Thursday’s episode of Glee, “Shooting Star” (yes, I watch Glee, bear with me), in which the show did something that impressed me, only for the episode to disappoint me severely. I will discuss this episode in a following post as my first review.

I have provided a list of the TV shows I currently watch/have seen in full, plus a list of my favorite movies in the sidebar under Pages called “What I’m Into”. Check this out to see what shows and movies I am familiar with. In the future, if any of you would like for me to review something specific, feel free to ask. However, do not ask me to review an episode from a TV show that I do not watch (unless it’s the pilot episode), for I would not understand the plot of the show and be able to review it to the best of my ability.

I’m looking forward to giving my two cents about the things that distract me from reality and I hope you enjoy!